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Stereo Society

A2B is Maor Nachum's new station. From the age of 16, when he first discovered the Israeli psychedelic outdoor party scene, Maor has been devoting his life to exploring and tasting what the world of music has to offer.
From producing house / techno, producing singer-songwriters to creating musical scores to theater and films, these are his personal platforms in his personal journey.
A2B combines all those memories and knowledge gathered from each of these stations.



Superfluid Sound

Ajja is an eclectic and multi-talented Swiss artist who channels his creativity through parallel careers as a musician, a producer, a label manager, a graphic artist, a software developer and a painter.
Ajja played his first big psychedelic Trance gathering in December 2002, on the main stage of the Outback Eclipse Festival in Australia, during a full solar eclipse.
In 2005, Ajja started a solo project under his own name. He quickly became known for delivering groovy psychedelic Trance, crossing genres to attract people from a broad range of styles.
His debut studio album “Psychogenica” was released in 2007 on Syncronize Records, followed by “Tulpa” in 2012 on Peak Records and the Mid-Tempo album “Spira Mirabilis” in 2017 on T.I.P. Records.
Since 2006, Ajja has released over a hundred songs under various names, including many collaborations with other well-known musicians and producers, spanning a wide range of styles.
Although he has regularly performed at major events around the world and is used to a heavy touring schedule, he still enjoys small, intimate parties and clubs just as much.

An energetic, enthusiastic and gifted being, Ajja is an artist not to be missed!

Hip-Hop / Abstract

Al'Tarba x Senbeï

Banzaï Lab

Ninja Tunesques influences, psychedelic samples and Hip-Hop energy, Al’Tarba x Senbeï push the boundaries of beatmaking, in their fascinating and unclassifiable album.
You can feel the influence of electronic artists such as DJ Shadow, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim but also the likes of The Grateful Dead or even Jefferson Airplane.

“We both have the impression we’ve kicked down the door of beatmaking, shouting “All right, everybody be cool!” in a Pulp Fiction kind of way.”

Psytrance / Full On


Nano Records

With over a decade as a DJ, Thatha is considered as one the top DJs in the world.
She puts all her love into her music and it’s shown by the crowd’s respect and affection. Her sets are mixed with a lot of harmony, versatility and solid technique, she’s able to take the dancefloor where she wants with her charm and lightness.
After some time, her career as DJ was driven into a new goal : music production. Her music was taking shape and she created her live act “Altruism”.
It was an instant success and in 2010 she achieved the Beatport top 10 with her compilation “Magic Mirror”. In 2011 she joined the South African label Nano Records, where she already released 3 Ep’s. “Beyond Illusion” in 2011, “Fat Beat” in 2013 and "311" in 2015.
Thatha / Altruism has performed at some of the best festivals all over the world, such as
Boom, Ozora, Neverland, Vuuv, Universo Paralello, Fusion, Psi-Fi, Vortex, Maitreya, Green Magic, Poison, Hilltop…

anoebis x pavane
Goa Trance

Anoebis vs Pavane

Suntrip Records

Anoebis is an old school Goa Trance, Acid Trance, Forest Trance and Ambient addicted DJ, playing this kind of music as much as possible for people that love to dance hard and float around! He is also one of the managers of Suntrip Records, a label concentrating on "old school" Goa Trance, made nowadays.

Djane Pavane, aka Caroline, is a Belgian old school styled Goa Trance DJ who focuses mostly on the more psychedelic styles of Trance and is specialized in unique storytelling. She is a label DJ for Suntrip Records.
Caroline fell in love with Goa Trance in 2004. The first minute she ventured into a psychedelic party, she realized her life would never be the same again. The music, the atmosphere, the people, the art... She’s still in love with it all to this day.! Mostly she plays crazy psychedelic old school Goa Trance, but once in a while she goes for more melodic music as well, depending on the hour of performance.
The biggest focus of Pavane in her sets is the storytelling, starting atmospheric and growing step by step towards madness. She loves to lose herself in the quest of finding the perfect tracks that fit together.
Her first steps as a DJ were taken in 2009. She started playing Ambient and Downtempo music, but after a while she decided to switch her focus to Uptempo music.
Pavane regularly plays at parties in Belgium, as well as more and more international events recently, such as Lost Theory Festival (Croatia), Apsara Festival (Romania), Hippie Tippie (Israel).

Ape - Senoï Project


Senoï Project

Ape is a french musician from Rennes. What he plays is essentially whatever grabs him by the guts on the dancefloor.
Huge fan of the Zenonesque aesthetics, he picks between Psygressive and Psy-Techno sounds to present a varied and contrasted experience: organic, synthetic, dark and solar.

Back To Mars - Forestdelic Records
Forest / Night Psy

Back To Mars

Forestdelic Records

Originally hailing from Brazil, Back to Mars now calls the Netherlands her home, working as a DJ and curating the music lineups of Amsterdam-based events like Bom Voyage, Trance Orient Express and Solstice Festival.
She appears often on Psytrance festivals all over Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Asia, playing a diversity of styles from Psygressive, Dark Progressive to Night Psy and Forest, as well as Dark Minimal and Psy-Techno under her side project Marciana.
Her musical journey kicked off in 2001 at the legendary underground parties from 9Lives of Hofmann in Amsterdam, which set the stage for an international DJ career. Fast forward, and she’s now played at great festivals such as Boom, MoDem, Boomtown, OZORA, Hadra, and many events from Europe to Mexico, Goa to Japan, and South America.

Outside the decks, she co-organizes events in Amsterdam with Bom Voyage, and curates the music program of Trance Orient Express and Solstice Festival at Ruigoord.

Breakoacoustique - Quadrivium
Psycore / Dark Psy


Quadrivium / Painted Chaos / Metacortex / Freepsy

Only there for music and art.



Ethereal Decibel Records

Cajun is a Swiss-English producer and DJ that is now based in France. Born into a family of musicians and artists, from a very young age he started experimenting with instruments and then electronic production, music quickly became the driving passion in his life.
Over many years he explored the depths of melody, groove, and Trance, crossing many styles and emotions, free from the restraints of genres and codes.

It was an entirely selfish endeavor, a primal need for creative expression through the medium of sound, almost exclusively for his ears alone.
But in 2021, after more than 10 years of electronic music production he decided to focus his energy into creating a Live Set to share with the dancefloor.
This new branch of his music fell loosely into the Psy-Techno category, with a focus on intricate melodies, deep groovy basslines and hypnotic funky percussion and rhythms.

Cyclome - ADN Music
Psycore / Crossbreed


ADN Music

Cyclome navigates through atmospheres that are sometimes epic, intense and apocalyptic, sometimes melancholic and contemplative.
His main goal is to create a bridge between musical genres: Dark Psytrance, Hi-Tech, Metal, Neurofunk, Crossbreed, Hardcore, World Music, orchestral ambiences...

His compositions are filled with various scales, melodies, non linear rhythmic patterns and triturated electric guitar samples. They reflect a deep attachment to his Progressive Rock and Metal influences and a strong desire to synthesize his diverse musical influences within a Psytrance aesthetic.

Be prepared !

CyK - Sangoma Records
Darkpsy / Forest


Sangoma Records

Hailing from the Brazilian midwest, Ciro Mendes is the name behind Cyk.
Releasing as AlchemyCircle since 2012, he came up with this solo project, focusing more on night time Psychedelic.
His music can be defined as a hypersensorial and resinous experience that will slightly damage your brain.
Unleash your inner wilderness and celebrate this genuinely Cerrado mood.

D.Rec - Dubztr4ck3er
Darkpsy / Hi-Tech


Ethereal Decibel Records

"Glitchy Crunchy Spicy psychedelic music, large range of styles."

D.Rec (pronounced “Derek”) is a French DJ specialized in psychedelic music since 2008.
He stands out from his counterparts with a strong non-conformism, and a desire to defend emerging and underrepresented genres in the current scene.
Having participated since his youngest age in many projects around the Psytrance world and electronic music scene (Hadra, Ethereal Decibel Company, Chilluvium ...) he is now a seasoned DJ coupled with an experienced organizer.
His sets offer a very broad musical range, characterized by two radically opposed extremes: A mystical, epic, and harmonic Psy-Bass for the alternative stages, and a dark, fast, and industrial Darkpsy/Hi-Tech for the main floors.
Like a true Swiss army knife, it is not uncommon to see him drifting into other styles by drawing from an enormous library fed by more than 15 years of musical research.
Dark Progressive, Chill-Out, Psy-Breaks, Psytrance, are among others styles that he is very comfortable with !
Throughout the years, he had the chance to play at Momento Demento, Human Evolution, Ethereal Decibel events, Most of Hadra Festivals, and a lot of smaller events.

Daksinamurti vs Lemurians - Sangoma Records

Daksinamurti vs Lemurians

Sangoma Records

Daksinamurti (दक्षिणामूर्ति) is a psychedelic Trance artist, ethnologist, label manager and producer from Marburg, Germany. Together with his friend Emiel he founded and runs the label Sangoma Records.
Till has been performing at events and festivals worldwide since the year 2000.
Upon discovering Goa Trance on the beaches of India in the early 90’s, Daksinamurti developed a diverse and insatiable thirst for studying the effects of psychedelic music on the body and mind. Combined with his passion for anthropology, his journey in music has been distinguished by his desire to discover and the depths of psychoacoustic application in music.
Far from predictable, his sound can be described as Sangomesque music - a forest friendly trance inducing experience with a range that covers the entire spectrum of light onto dark.
Till enjoys playing extended sets far from predictability and stereotypes in order to create a colorful, energetic journey suitable for dance floors at any hour of the party.
During the years Till has built a reputation within the international scene, sharing his musical visions and vibes in over 40 countries and festivals like Boom (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Modem (Croatia), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Psy-Fi (Netherlands), Hadra Trance Festival (France), Alien Safari (South Africa), Antaris (Germany), Shankra (Switzerland), VooV (Germany), Fusion (Germany), Lost Theory (Spain), Kosmos Festival (Finland) and many others.
Since 2018 he is working on his own production and was formerly involved in the project Android Spirit which had 2 EPs and an album on Timecode Records.
Daksinamurti’s love for diversity, mystical themes and shamanism are also reflected in multiple compilation releases he worked on, always evolving in his perspective of contemporary psychedelic music and culture.

Lemurians is an electronic music project founded in 1998 in Munich, Germany. Focusing on psychedelic underground dance music the former duo toured the dance floors of the world.
Early 2019 founding member JanOsh revived the project for future releases and live shows.
In it’s core “Lemurians” is exploring the realms of deep psychedelic dance music with lush melodies and driving beats.

DICA & Antidot
Acid Goa Trance

DICA & Antidot

Quadrivium Records / Funky Freaks Records

DICA & Antidot are 2 French newcomers in the psychedelic scene. Their name is already huge in the Acid Techno scene, but after a visit to Ozora and ZNA they decided to begin a new psychedelic project.
It’s the perfect mashup between Goa Trance, Acid, Acid Trance and even a small pinch of modern Psytrance in the mix!
What makes their performance even more impressive is the fact that the set is played using analog live machines.
It's only a matter of time before you start hearing more about these 2 talents in the future of the psychedelic scene!

Psygressive / Dark Progressive


In 2001, Electrypnose began as a duo project with a friend (Grand Mage) as a way to experiment and explore in the Psytrance genre. Eventually, different life paths meant Electrypnose became a solo project for Vince. 2002 brought the first performance ever at a private and very small party in the Swiss mountains. In 2003, a promo album called "Rêve de Neige" was distributed by Psy-CZ group, which featured Elecrypnose's first track released on Peak Records, the first Swiss Psytrance label at the time.
The record label "Kabrathor" was launched with close friends in 2004. It is also the first year of the Primitif Workshop, a gathering organized in Switzerland for people from all over the world who produce all kinds of electronic music. Each year, Electrypnose, along with friends, would bring together various musicians from different countries to share passion, knowledge and skills in a dedicated place.

Based in Switzerland, the laboratory has never stopped being active since the beginning of the project. After the first track released in 2003 by Peak Records, more than 100 pieces of work have been released on record labels from all corners of the globe.
He co-founded the label 2to6 Records, Kabrathor Records and also started the Primitif Workshop Project with some of his friends.

Besides working in the studio, Vince is often requested in different parts of Switzerland, Europe and the world to share his art and teach.
He acquired his knowledge over the years by working in his studio, exploring the potential of computer programs and musical gears. Although best known for his Trance-oriented material, Vince is experimenting with several music genres; Chill-Out, Techno, Electronica, Trip-Hop and a bit of saxophone.

Elowinz - Tapes Reunion - Parvati Records


Parvati Records

Elowinz was created by Diogo Gouvea and Tomas Vezzali in 2012. Since 2015, Diogo has handled the project alone.

His music roots are in the Hardcore and Punk bands in which he played and performed in the underground scene of Sao Paulo.
Since 2005, he has been producing psychedelic music on different projects and in 2012 the Elowinz Live Act became the main focus of his productions.
The detailed percussion work together with arrangements of different synthesizers gently guide the dancers into a trance.
His first EP, Sananga was released in October 2016, followed in 2019 by his second album, Granjurema.

Ewake - Techgnosis Sub.Conscience Records


Techgnosis Records / Sub.Conscience Records

Ewake is a Deep and psychedelic Techno project by Pablo Ragot, started in 2012.
His main goal is to share a moment of peace, freedom and self-exploration while dancing on distorted electronic sounds which break the codes and conventions of Dance Music genres.

Freedom Fighters - Stereo Society

Freedom Fighters

Stereo Society

Since 2006, Progressive Psytrance artist Freedom Fighters aka Shahaf Efrat has been making dance floors tremble around the world. Since his humble beginnings in Tel Aviv, Israel, his name has gone from relative obscurity, to a massive threat on some of the world’s biggest festival stages such as Electric Daisy Carnival (United States), Hadra Festival (France), Maitreya Festival (Australia), Playground Festival (Brazil), The Gathering (Japan), Ommix’s Atmosphere Festival (Mexico), Groove Attack (Israel) just to name a few.
Without limiting himself to the confines of Psytrance, he draws influence from many other genres which gives him a sound of his own.
Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to not only remix, but also work side by side with some of the scene’s biggest names. The likes of Astrix, Simon Patterson, Ace Ventura and Skazi, only make up a portion of a massive list. With these collaborations and remixes came some massive results including anthem “Marshmallows” with legendary Captain Hook, which has gained over 1.5 million views on Youtube to this date.
An idea can only be confined for so long, and with Psytrance becoming a global revolution, it was only a matter of time before others started to take notice.
Freedom Fighters is now one of the most sought after names in the traditional Trance scene after a groundbreaking remix of Simon Patterson’s Beatport #1 “Dissolve”. His remix not only put his name in the sights of other Trance artists, but also landed him a spotlight on the world’s largest electronic music radio show, Armin Van Buuren’s legendary “A State Of Trance”.
After 5 Beatport #1’s, it was time for Freedom Fighters to show the world his true colors.
After a year of intense focus and dedication, February 25, 2015 saw the release of his highly anticipated album “Rebel”, out on world class label HOMmega. Not only was the album an artistic success, but it saw itself stay at the #1 spot on Beatport for multiple weeks in a row, cementing his name as an artist worth remembering.

Gina - Hadra
Psygressive / Dark Progressive


Hadra Records

Passionate about music and having always lived in a varied and colored musical universe, Gina discovered the Psytrance movement in the early 2000’s.
Fascinated by the richness and diversity of Psytrance styles, and the infinity of combination possibilities, she started DJing in 2011 and joined Hadra’s label in 2014.
With a strong attraction for Psygressive aesthetics, Gina composes dynamic and atmospheric sets which tell a multifaceted story and transport the dancefloor into a captivating sonic trip.

Govinda - Believe Lab


Believe Lab

Psytrance DJ and music producer, Govinda was raised in Goa where he started his psychedelic journey in the early 90’s.

After two decades of DJing his finest music selection, which he shared on the top festival dancefloors all over the world, he’s now committed to his own production, where he can fully channel his passion.

Racy, twisted and unexpected.
A whole new journey is about to begin.

Kromagon - Zenon Records
Dark Progressive


Zenon Records

Since 2010, Kromagon has pursued his vision to uncover the true essence of Dark Progressive, thus defining a new era of the genre.
By 2012, Kromagon was recognized by the internationally-renowned label Zenon Records, becoming the very first label artist in the USA. Since then, he has been eagerly received by some of the most prestigious events world-wide like Boom Festival, Modem, Freqs Of Nature, and Masters of Puppets.
He delivers deep journeys with driving basslines using surgically technical precision and undeniably crisp production. The listener cannot resist but to be spellbound by the grimly psychedelic sound effects and intoxicated by neo-apocalyptic atmospheres. You’ll undoubtedly hear the underlying influences of alternate styles like Metal, industrial and electronic genres such as EBM and old school Tech-Trance.

Kromagon invites a new era of dancers to accompany him on a journey through a futuristic and introspective soundscape. With his ability to provide serious mental stimulation and energetic movement, listeners may invigorate their psyche, opening hidden portals within themselves and the dance floor. Kromagon truly evokes an unparalleled rapturous psychedelic experience.

Luyana - Dripping Tales Records
Forest / Darkpsy


Dripping Tales Records

French electronic producer, DJ and digger.
Tribe, Hardtek, Micro-Techno, Deep-House, Forest, Hi-Tech, Dark Progressive..

Co-founder and DJ at Dripping Tales Records.

Metaphyz - Funky Freaks Records


Funky Freaks Records

After his birth in a deep cave, Bat aka Metaphyz learned how to emit ultrasounds, and quickly increased his high sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field.
After finding the right acoustically fit basement, Bat began to produce echoes in order to
propagate his own frequencies around the planet.
The idea behind the Metaphyz project is to unleash your inner beast and reconnect with
your zoanthropic instinct.
From his soul to your ears, Metaphyz makes you dive in the meanders of his mind. You can choose how to get there, but you have to be aware: This field is full of tricks,
creatures and string energies.
Warning: These ultrasonic waves are way more perceptible at night.
Enjoy the trip.

Metrix - Catar Records


Catar Records

Metrix kicks you out of your everyday life and shoots you directly into an unprecedented universe of dark matter and sizzling energy.
Basslines as growling than in archaic times, when planets were crashing, leads as heavy as the riffs of a Metal guitarist and atmospheres as deep as a monk’s meditative state, promise to turn the dancefloor into a playground of psychedelic madness.
The mind behind Metrix is Kilian Aregger, who grew up in a musical family deep in the Swiss Alps. Influenced by his father’s affinity for music and computers, together with Kilian’s own interest in electronic music, he found himself in front of keyboards, turntables and synthesizers at an early age. After his first attendance at a big Psytrance festival in Switzerland, his fate was sealed : he wanted to become an electronic music composer. The project Metrix was born.
Always aiming for that unique and powerful sound, he defies people to dance with him through his live sets. Kilian has been a very active member of the psychedelic community since 2014 and is therefore no stranger to the dancefloors around the globe. Though he loves playing in nightclubs and festivals, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of producing tunes. As a pianist and mastering engineer, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically. He is also very dedicated to helping newcomers to become better producers.

“For me, it’s all about the evolvement of a powerful sound that galvanizes people and expands their consciousness. Music allows me to express what I cannot describe with words.”

Northern Folk

Mira Ceti

Mira Ceti is a French singer and producer, whose work is based on various musical traditions from the Northern hemisphere. She explores ritualistic expression as a dialogue with the surroundings, whether tangible and intangible entities.

She is accompanied on her musical journey by n.hir, experimental music producer and co-founder of the Alcôve music label.

Modus - Stereo Society


Stereo Society

Modus is a psychedelic music project, manifested by the Israeli producer Asaf Tsemach. Emerging into the Psytrance scene in a high volume debut on HOMmega Records, presenting a rare and missed flavor of sound designing, well spiced and served on his single “Organic Panic” (2017).
Followed by numerous releases on HOMmega, Nano Records, and Stereo Society (which became his home label), the young composer made high, stormy waves on all 5 continents within his first touring year, capturing the mind, hearts, and ears of anyone who had a chance to catch his performance on the well-known dance floors of Ozora Festival, Universo Paralello, Antaris Festival, Freedom Festival, and Esoteric Festival.
In 2021 after years in the making, Asaf gave light to his debut album - “The Future Is Behind Us” - Presenting 9 original tracks, ranging from 90 to 170 BPM.
Modus’ diversity has not yet been deciphered. Is it a "deep rooted style" or is it more of a "new wave style"? Fresh or old school?

If you ask him, the question itself is the foundation of his musical concept : ״anything we do is a blend of references we've seen in the past and we give them our own interpretations. It's all a cycle. The egg paradox is something we are dealing with in our creative process, especially in music and especially these days in Psytrance.”

If you ask us, Modus presents a timeless approach to psychedelic music, the same rare and naive attitude we can find when listening to the old trance classics, something we’ve been longing to hear for some time. A fresh yet authentic approach to psychedelic music production, what we hope will eventually carve a time and space to his sound in any gathering.

Originz - Sangoma Records


Sangoma Records

Originz aka Raphael Atlan is a young Psytrance activist from Lyon, France.
Founder and director of the organization Outrance and part of the line-up team of the Hadra Festival, he started DJing alongside many international artists of the scene.
Since 2015, he has played on several stages in France and around the world, sharing his groovy and punchy psychedelic DJ Sets in renowned festivals (in Thailand, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Israel, Italy just to name a few).
His style blends morning and night psychedelic, powerful and catchy DJ Sets that awaken dancefloors. In 2019, he joined Sangoma Records as a label DJ to fulfill his dream around the world.

Pepe's Bodega - Muimina Sounds

Pepe's Bodega

Muimina Sounds

Stockholm outskirts, mid-February 2013. It's 4am, in a giant barn. Walls are vibrating by a pounding, experimental sound through a massive sound system.
Nimbus, a young aspiring producer and sound engineer, has just had his head blown off by one of the invited DJs and desperately needs to find him to tell him how much he "loved those groovy bass lines, man".
Now a distant, humorous memory, this was the first stumbling encounter, and where the seed was planted to a deep brotherhood and musical partnership that is Pepe's Bodega.

Since 2016 Nimbus and Don Pepe have routinely met up in the studio to translate their transcendental life experiences into words and sound. Influenced by nature and its medicine, various religious and philosophical traditions and a bottomless library of musical history, they love exploring new territories with their music.
The psychedelic experience is, per definition, an exploration; physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

If you dare to discover who you really are, the Bodega gate is open.

Psynonima - Freak Records


Freak Records / O.V.N.I. Records

Psynonima’s project, created in 2007 in Barcelona (Spain), is a long transition of Psytrance music. It started with playing and mixing Progressive and Full-On in 2008, then organizing many festivals and parties around Catalunia with a famous old crew called Muskaria, then playing in all the best clubs at the time (like Raichdingue, el Blau, Zorech, Begood, Input…) and sharing line-ups with many international artists like Alien Project, Gms, Urecken, Talamasca...
Around 2010, Psynonima met the World People crew, a French collective that steered her line of Psytrance towards a more underground approach.
Her DJ Sets evolved and started to sound darker and with a higher BPM, she played in some festivals in France, and continued to be a part of the World People label to this day.

Psynonima traveled for the first time to India in 2012, and played in many parties around Goa with the World People Crew, creating at the same time many connections to play in festivals around the world (such as in Sweden, Italy, UK, Sri Lanka…).
In 2015, Psynonima was playing at Atman Festival, which definitely pushed her towards another level of Psytrance called Hi-Tech, with digital and fast sound that bring you to another dimension.
After collaborating with the Atman Festival organization for a few years, Psynonima is now an active member of the tribe by giving full support to the project in Sri Lanka and performing in all of the festival’s editions.
Starting in 2017, Djane Psynonima joined different labels such as Nutria Dance, a proper Hi-Tech label, in order to spread the Hi-Tech vibes around the world. She also joined the Barcelona-based label BassGround that organizes crazy parties in the various clubs (such as Apollo, Upload…) with big names of the Psytrance scene.
She has performed at several festivals and gatherings around the world, exhibiting her masterful skills, dynamic mixing and unique stage presence at events such as Universo Paralello (Brasil), Atman festival (Sri Lanka), Master of Puppets (Czech Republic), Djurniverse (Sweden), Taurus Conexion (Italy), Own Spirit (Spain) just to name a few.

Sharing all the proper Shakty Powa, Psynonima is currently playing & traveling the globe, performing her latest and greatest of the high BPM Psytrance ranging from Hi-Tech to Full-Power upper chakra stimulation trance dance hits.

Goa Trance


303 Experience / Global Sect / Cronomi

A true and passionate Goa Trance enthusiast, Ratagnan is used to dig everywhere he can to find the very best old school Goa gems in order to share them in his sets.
He is also one of the founding members and president of 303 Experience.

Sator Arepo - Deviant Force Records

Sator Arepo

Deviant Force Records

Sator Arepo tenet opera rotas.
A perceptual constancy of the circular motion of the cosmic order.

The project was founded in early 2006 by Dominik H. from Munich. Dominik always had a deep connection to music, being heavily influenced during his adolescence by genres such as Metal and Punk Rock, he later started his first steps in music production and began to experiment with different styles ranging from Hip-Hop to Breakbeat.
Due to his former day job as an event engineer, he coincidentally made contact with the Psychedelic Trance scene, which in retrospect, turned out to be a game changer in his life. Since then, he focuses passionately in creating his ideas and interpretations of deep and powerful night time Psytrance, never afraid to explore the limits and to push the boundaries in terms of style and sound design.

Sator Arepo's music is a sonic roller coaster, whose characteristics range from groovy and mental attitudes to hard hitting, dancefloor focussed soundscapes.
Productionwise, he's always trying to improve his skills in order to constantly shape and reinvent his style.
With a rising popularity in the global Psytrance scene, he released on well known labels such as Deviant Force Records, Sonic Loom, Discovalley Records, Lycantrop Records, Avatar Records and many more.
Besides his solo works, he is a lively collaborator and active in several projects such as :
- Cracked Nozes with Rawar/Lurker on Deviant Force Records & Sangoma Records
- ChromArepo with Chromatec on Deviant Force Records
- Haunted Spectre with Silent Horror on Deviant Force Records

His live performances make him a frequent musical globetrotter, playing some of the most important festivals the scene has to offer like Universo Paralello, MoDem, Pulsar Festival, Freqs of Nature, Hadra Festival and many more.
In addition to being on stage, he’s also active in the background of the scene, as one of the founders of the infamous underground label Deviant Force Records and the co-founder and organizer of the party series Mental Intrusion.

Solarythm - Quadrivium Records
Forest / Hypnotic Trance


Quadrivium Records

Jeremie Kagan aka Solarythm is a young producer from Nantes, a nice city on the French West Coast.
From the earliest days of his childhood, he has been deeply passionate about music.
He has learned the piano for five years, which gave him a strong knowledge of music theory.
In 2014 he fell in love with the underground universe of Psytrance. And very soon he felt the need to make his own music.
Always searching for new sounds, Solarythm offers a deep mental Forest where the confrontation between dark and bright atmospheres reminds us of the moment when daytime faces nighttime : dawn.

Psytrance / Forest


Believe Lab / Ethereal Decibel Records

TiwaD « distille » depuis 2012 et son intégration à Ethereal Decibel Company des sets Psytrance organiques, percussifs, groovy et dancefloor tendant souvent vers la Forest et la Darkpsy.
Il rejoint le label Psytrance "Believe Lab" en 2022 en tant que DJ.
En parallèle il propose également des sets de Bass Music très influencés Hip-Hop et se promène entre des rythmiques Deep Dubstep à gros wobbles, Neuro Bass et Deep Drum & Bass.

Uncharted Territory - Stereo Society
Hybrid Techno / Psytrance

Uncharted Territory

Stereo Society

Freedom Fighters & Modus

Uncharted Territory is a dynamic and innovative psychedelic electronic duo consisting of Shahaf Efrat (Freedom Fighters) and Asaf Tsemach (Modus). The duo's journey began in 2022 after the success of their previous collaborations, "Drumville'' and "Uncharted Territory."
Their music is a unique blend of high-energy, up-tempo, and futuristic psychedelic dancefloor music, infused with elements from the early days of Acid music.
Uncharted Territory's sound is characterized by its ability to transport listeners to uncharted territories, where they can explore the unknown and experience the unexpected.
The duo's mission is to connect the essence of Acid music with a futuristic approach and an endless amount of humor. Their music is a reflection of their passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music, while also maintaining a sense of playfulness and joy.

Vahati - Quadrivium Records


Quadrivium Records

Vahati is the psytrance project of JC Kerinec, a French music producer based in France and Morocco.
After many years of experimenting with sound in the Psychedelic space and design, the Vahati project was born in 2016.
His sound is heavily influenced by the rhythms of Scandinavian psychedelic music.
The Vahati project is constantly evolving and aims to showcase a new sound experience for you to dive into.
His sound is characterized by an intelligent play between subtle and powerful energies of Forest, riding the flow between punchy layers and deep enchanting atmospheres.


Vegan Cake vs Ori

Stereo Society

Vegan Cake, aka Arnaud Constant, emerged in the psytrance scene 13 years ago, initially as a Darkpsy DJ under labels Bhooteshwara Records and Wild 7 Records. In 2020, Vegan Cake shifted to progressive psytrance, joining Stereo Society alongside artists like Freedom Fighters, Dekel, Modus, ON3, Martian Arts, GMS, Pixel, and many other talented artists.
In his current DJ sets, Vegan Cake seamlessly blends deep & raw progressive psytrance with elements of techno, acid, breakbeat, and early trance, presenting a style that transcends conventional boundaries.
Besides his artistic career, in 2012, he founded Ethereal Decibel Company, orchestrating outdoor and club events. In 2016, he co-created the Ethereal Decibel Festival, which has since become a major French psytrance festival.

STS is the label manager of Stereo Society.

They will both be sharing the stage and playing an exclusive set together.

Goa Trance / TechTrance


X-Dream is the German based Goa-Trance project of Marcus Maichel and Jan Muller, also known as Rough & Rush.
Maichel was influenced by Electro and Reggae music, and started making electronic music in 1986, while Mueller studied sound engineering towards the end of the 80s. The pair first met in 1989, when Maichel needed his PC repaired, and Muller was sent to fix it. Within the same year, they decided to team up and start composing together.
At first, their style was leaning towards Techno music with Hip-Hop influences, but in the beginning of the ’90s they were introduced to the early stages of Goa Trance in Hamburg (Germany) and decided to switch their music to this genre.
In 1993, they started releasing their first Goa Trance sounds and their first full length album “A Trip To Trancesylvania” was released the same year on Tunnel Records.
In 1996, they released their second album “We Created Our Own Happiness”, featuring the unforgettable and trippy early X-Dream sound.
They also started composing in the meantime as part of other project names like “Children of Paradise” and “The Pollinator”.
In 1997, they both started experimenting with side projects, Marcus as “The Delta” with the classic track “As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling”, and Muller as being part of the “Organic Noise” project with Ben Wierzoch.
They have also remixed several tracks for other artists including Koxbox and the Saafi Brothers just to name a few.
In 1998, they released their third full length album “Radio” on Blue Room Released, which was seen by many as the album that helped define a new genre.
X-Dream introduced a much darker, more techy and minimalist sound which was at that time, groundbreaking.
Continuing towards the same musical style, they released the “Irritant” album in 2002 on Global Trance Network, which was a massive hit and immediately sold out upon release.
Their last full album released in 2004, “We Interface”, featured their well-known minimalist sound approach and even contained vocals from Muller’s wife, Ariel.
A X-Dream tribute compilation featuring remixes from some of the most respected acts of the scene, such as Dickster, Shpongle, Atmos, Eat Static, Mad Tribe and many others, is just another proof of their influence and the respect they have earned over the years.
X-Dream, considered by many as one of the most inspirational Trance acts of all time, are still performing regularly around the globe, spreading their signature sound and anthems from the golden Goa Trance era.
Yabba Dabba - Sangoma Records

Yabba Dabba

Sangoma Records

Yabba Dabba is the French project of Frederick B and Jeremy Q.
Both of them grew up in New Caledonia, they explored the psychedelic world together and this shared experience developed several connections between them.
Now based in France, they continue making groovy, deep and trippy sounds with communicative energy in it.

6thFloor - Euphorik
Acid Techno


Euphorik / Zouav'Fest

6thFloor is a French DJ and producer of underground Techno and Acid waves since 2012. Coming from the Free Party movement alongside Euphorik Sound System, he decided to create his own vinyl label Synthetic Line Records with Level5, in 2018.
At the same time, he has produced tracks for Oxymor, Advise, Volkane, ChronoZone and Reustlab.
Since 2021, he is also the programmer and organizer of the festival Zouav'Fest.

6thFloor played at festivals such as Bogotrax, Locombia, Tropical Wave, Aluna Ritual (Colombia), Tribunion (Mexico), Fora de Tempo (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Free Connection (CZ) but also Zouav'Fest, Funky Freaky, Festifl'Art and Son Libre (France).



Ethereal Decibel Records / Nirmãtã

Absyketix discovered the Techno scene in the 90s by tuning into the Cybertrance show on a well-known public radio station. Immediately captivated, he delved deeper to explore the various styles within this vast musical family. Upon entering high school, he crossed paths with a DJ from the rave party scene and attended his first rave in 2000.
Simultaneously, he taught himself how to mix on turntables, spending a considerable amount of time observing the subtle movements of the DJs playing at the events he attended. However, he had little affinity for vinyl work (too cumbersome, too analog), and with the advent of USB controllers, he purchased his first equipment and began replicating what he had learned before.
Over the years, the pulsating rhythms of Hardtek, Hardcore, Acid, and Tribe genres resonated with him until he discovered Psytrance and Techno events, where he found an unprecedented sense of togetherness.
It is in the realm of Minimal Techno and Dark Minimal that he enjoys mixing to get people to dance during his performances.
Independent until 2014, he joined the Ethereal Decibel Company association after three years of collaboration with their energetic team. In 2020, the Nirmata association extended an invitation for him to join their equally motivated team, allowing him to contribute to the collective effort.

Footwork / Bass Music


Anna has been addicted to bass music production since she started over 10 years ago, and now works as a professional sound designer and audio engineer, working to create sounds of the highest quality.
She found her 160 BPM-focused sound somewhere in between her longtime loves of Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hip-Hop, and especially Footwork.
Her professional music career began in 2015, since then A.Fruit has released six EPs and more than 30 original tracks and remixes on compilations worldwide. Her music has also appeared on labels including Med School and Hospital Records, Teklife, Hyperboloid, Worst Behavior Recs and more. Outside of her own music, A.Fruit creates sound effects and music of other genres for PC games (Gremlins, Inc., Skyforge, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and other).
Since 2023 Anna is also running her YouTube channel with educational content about music production. On tours Anna explores the world and people, delivering DJ sets that delight with a mixture of various BPM music from Footwork and Jungle to Dubstep, Future Beats and Halftime.
Bobby - Vahana Records
Drum & Bass


Vahana Records

An activist on the Parisian scene for nearly 10 years, Bobby already has a rich musical experience. A meticulous DJ and always looking for unique and surprising combinations, he is also a confirmed producer, who constantly refines his artistic style.
His qualitative releases on labels such as Château Bruyant, Othercide Records, the Czech label Empire Recordings as well as his roaring neuro and his hard work, have earned him the recognition of his peers.
After some noticed tracks in 2020 on labels like Diascope, Neonlight's Label, or 0101 Music by Maztek, Bobby makes a strong comeback with his 'Back To Lockdown EP' on Kosen Production.

Catnapp - Monkeytown Records
Beats & Breaks


Monkeytown Records

Favoring emotional expressionism and intense beats, Catnapp is pushing the boundaries of electronic music with a unique and bold take on songwriting and production. Her music and live shows are at once challenging and highly relatable, as she combines cutting-edge millennial aesthetics with openhearted lyricism and barely filtered feelings.
Amparo Battaglia started her journey in her native Argentina and made an impact in the underground scene of Buenos Aires. Arriving in Berlin in 2015, she found the perfect place to grow, with a city and musical environment that let her take crucial steps in her artistic development. By then she had already self-released many albums and EPs on which she tried to connect all the dots of her musical upbringing and influences, ranging from The Prodigy and Limp Bizkit to Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass.
Eventually, destiny found its way and Catnapp signed to Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records for the release of her EP Fear in 2018, which was soon followed by the two-track single No Cover.
While Catnapp herself describes her music as pop as it can get, there’s an undeniable punk spirit and DIY ethos to her tracks. It’s a wild combination of slow and heavy Bass Music and futuristic R&B, with influences of modern Rap and vintage Breakbeat sounds. The brilliant thing about Catnapp’s electronic crossover approach is that it is never overloaded or overachieving, despite all the inventiveness and often delicate lyrical content. Instead, there’s an immediate straightforwardness at work that always hits the mark.
Damage is yet another highly original statement by an artist who found her very own voice. And you can’t fight the feeling that it’s all just the beginning.

Chris Liberator vs D.A.V.E. The Drummer
Techno / Acid Techno

Chris Liberator vs D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Dynamo City)


Chris Liberator and D.A.V.E. The Drummer, are two iconic figures in the world of
underground techno music, renowned for their relentless dedication to pushing the
boundaries of electronic music and shaping the British and international techno
Together, they form the renowned techno duo “Dynamo City”. Their
collaboration has resulted in a sonic fusion of pounding drum rhythms and hypnotic
acid sounds leading to the legendary track “One Night In Hackney”, which became
emblematic of the underground techno movement.

Dynamo City will perform a 2X4 set at Ethereal Decibel 2024. What is a 2X4 set ?
Dynamo City have played 2X4 sets many times around the world. The idea started at a gig in Brazil 20 years ago (2003), when they were looking for something new
to add to their DJ performances, they came up with the idea to play together on 4
turntables and after a couple of sessions they established a routine to take them right through their careers.
The main difference between a 2X4 and a Back2Back is the fact that they can both
play together all the time, so they don’t have to stop or wait to choose tunes or to try out ideas. This helps blend tracks further and quicker than a regular Back2Back. So while one of them mixes tracks, the other cues up and gets ready, but this also means they can play together more as a team and mix 3 or even 4 records at once not just the standard 2.

As pioneers who bridged the gap between underground and mainstream electronic
music, Chris Liberator and D.A.V.E. The Drummer continue to be celebrated for
their impact on Rave culture. Their legacy lives on through their timeless tracks,
dynamic 2X4 DJ sets, and their lasting effect on the vibrant electronic music culture
they helped create.

Daork - LGNE
Drum & Bass / Bass Music



Initiated to computer-aided music by attending Hadra’s TranceMission workshops, Daork’s electronic project from Grenoble mixes Deep Dubstep and Drum & Bass in a dark and cadaverous atmosphere.
Initié à la MAO grâce aux stages TranceMission d'Hadra , ce projet grenoblois allie Deep Dubstep et Drum'n'bass dans une ambiance sombre et cadavérique.

Don Pepe - Muimina Sounds
Techno / Trance

Don Pepe

Muimina Sounds

Don Pepe fell into the rabbit hole of DJ culture in his early teens, 20 years ago.
Some years of humble experimentation followed until a certain Boom Festival 2008 gave him enough hubris to take this artform more seriously.
As a dedicated Goa-head, he found a kinship with the Suomisaundi scene that was peaking at the time, and started touring as Bäverdisco.
He joined the Random Records crew in 2011, where he released the compilation KWERK in 2016, focusing on the marriage of deep Forest atmospheres and quirky, groovy Suomisaundi.
Many deaths and rebirths have passed over the years.
What has remained is a never ending love and lust for musical exploration - whether it is behind the decks or in the studio!
As a DJ, Don Pepe refuses to be pigeonholed. With an "old school" mindset he always prefers playing long sets, 4 hours or more, to give the music and the dancers room to breathe. In such a "cocoon", genres and eras become secondary - what matters is that you're relaxed and able to let go.

Hypnotic Techno

Dubz Cooker

Ethereal Decibel Records

During his teenage years, his influences included Jamaican and English Dub, and he was an early fan of the French Dub wave (Improvisators Dub, High Tone...). He started producing Dub music, experimenting with Fruity Loops and Ableton, and soon found himself attending free parties in the South West of France.

He then began mixing on vinyl and followed the emergence of the Dubstep movement. During a trip to Australia in 2010, he truly immersed himself in the psychedelic cultural movement, attending Bush Doofs in the vicinity of Sydney for a year, and later in Nepal for a few months.

Now residing near Berlin for the past 7 years, he is the organizer of the Absurdoom Open Air event, located 50 km from Berlin, as well as other underground events.

Elisa Do Brasil
Drum & Bass

Elisa Do Brasil

Born under Brazil’s burning sun, Elisa Do Brasil moved to France at a very young age, where she will find a passionate love for electronic music. Oscillating between the Drum & Bass and Free Party movements, EDB rewrites her own DNA by fully dedicating herself to those sounds, becoming one of their leading faces at the young age of 20. In 1999, she started a residency at the mythical Rex Club with her « MASSIVE » parties (welcoming some legendary names such as Laurent Garnier or MC Verse) which will significantly shape the future of the French Drum & Bass scene.
Her fury and her visceral talent gave her wings for over 10 years (2000-2010), and brought her to participate in some of France’s and Europe’s most importants festivals (Outlook, Dour, Fusion, Garorock, Solidays, Astropolis...). Meanwhile, she released two mixed CDs on UWE, « Massive Party » in 2004, and « So Massive » in 2006, and two LPs on X-Ray : « First Stroke » (2009) and « Rolling the Dice » in 2012, as well as a track signed on the British label Viper Recordings. She also stands out with her « All Night Long » sets, during which she reveals the full extent of her talent behind the decks and sharp selection. In parallel, Elisa Do Brasil develops a strong relationship with extreme sports, and tours with Rip Curl, O’Neill, or at the Natural Games Festival.
She returns in 2013 to launch a new residency at Rex Club with her parties « Forever DNB », where she regularly invites Drum & Bass legends (Andy C, Randall, DJ Marky, DJ Storm, MC GQ) but also some of the scene’s younger talents (Skeptical, Kings Of The Rollers), proud of a new musical identity, closer to her first influences and to the sound-system culture that mean so much to her.
Enko vs IND - Cult Collective
Acidcore / Mental

Enko vs IND

Cult Collective

Enko started making electronic music by the end of the nineties, producing different styles of Techno, Tekno and sometimes Breakcore.
More recently, he became more and more fascinated by Mental Tekno and Acidcore. He finds his inspiration in nature and these organic elements find their way into his productions. Nowadays he has found his trademark sound. Heavy screaming Acid lines, followed by Mental leads which will penetrate your brain instantly.
Often called the new wave of Acid music, the way he melts different elements is of unknown measures.
Better run and hide while you still can…

IND is an electronic music producer and a live performer part of Cult Collective and a member of Beat Addicts, the crew that organizes the “Disorder” parties in Paris, where he is resident.
His music is a blend of different styles, always searching for the balance between mental travel, groove and atmosphere (organic and industrial…).
A huge synthesizer aficionado, and fine crafter of sound texture and auditive landscape, IND likes to search for original sounds and create musical landscapes that put the listener in the center of the story.
He loves working on spatialisation and creates a Live Set which aims to be immersive, while keeping in mind that dancing must be the engine of those musical travels.
Influenced by oldschool Hardcore, the groove of Tribe, the power of Dutch sounds, Trance sound research, movies’ soundtrack or even Jazz, his live performances are constantly evolving and are always intense musical moments to share and experience together!

Farseer - Guardian Records
Primal Techno


Guardian Records

Hard, hypnotic and psychedelic music designed for dancefloors.
Farseer is the founder of Australian based Guardian Records.

Lazine vs Fix

Fix vs Lazine

Ethereal Decibel Records / Bon Abri

Félix, also known as Fix, has been immersed in music from a very young age. Surrounded by artists of all kinds since childhood, he discovered electronic music at the age of 15 while attending free parties. Quickly becoming disenchanted with the events on offer, he decided to switch to the other side of the stage and met the members of the future collective Ethereal Decibel.
As a founding member and president of the association for a time, he delves into fast and dancefloor-oriented Techno. Influenced by various genres, he quickly finds a style of his own. Since 2013, he has been honing his sets, sharing them with the audience.

This year, he will team up with Lazine, a Rennes-based DJ.

Dubstep / Neurofunk


Ethereal Decibel Records

A collaborative project between two members of the Ethereal Decibel Company crew : Dr.A62 and TiwaD.
Deep Bass Music evolving and exploring the whole range of BPMs.

Guy Wander - M.E.S. Music
Neuro Tech

Guy Wander

M.E.S. Music

Side project by F.E.M.
This guy wanders between Neuro Funk and Speed Bass.

Dubstep / Bass


Just a buncha hullabaloo.
Ivy Lab
Drum & Bass / Future Beats

Ivy Lab

Originally starting out as a trio, North London based Ivy Lab were brought together through a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the UK Bass Music scene. The following years saw them getting stronger and stronger, earning a place in ‘The top 10 DJs of 2015’ (Mixmag) and propagating a new generation of Hip-Hop inspired abstractions housed within the framework of their ’20/20 LDN’ project.

The duo now find themselves at the apex of the ‘Halftime’ / ‘Future Beats’ / movement - A motley assortment of actors from across the Bass Music landscape applying their sonic-heritage to experiments with Hip-Hop and drum machine Electronica.

Ivy Lab invested further in the exploration of this sound with the creation of their ‘20/20 LDN’ club night. Housed primarily at Brixton’s Phonox nightclub, it earned the characterisation of “ultra innovative” (Timeout Magazine) and a “London standout” (Mixmag).

Minted in late 2015, and borrowing the same raison d'être as its elder sibling nightlife brand; 20/20 LDN Recordings was unveiled with the pseudo-mixtape/compilation LP “Ivy Lab presents 20/20 Volume.1”, which was described by Mixmag as “Uncompromising, insightful and rather awesome : 9/10.” and by DJ Mag as “Impossible to categorize : 9/10”.
After only a year (and 5 releases), the label was awarded the title of ’Best Breakthrough Label 2016’ by the DJ Mag ‘Best of British Awards 2016’.

Now a galvanizing presence in the ‘Future Beats’ movement, Ivy Lab’s’ “20/20 Volume.1” release and the subsequent follow up E.P’s were benchmark moments in forging the genre into a pillar of the electronic music landscape. Tracks such as “Spooky Dub”, “Can’t Say No” & “Peninsula” all garnered incredible currency, supplemented by showpiece remixes for Banks (“Fuck with myself”) and Noisia (“Tentacles”).

These Bass Music figureheads have been embraced by festivals as varied as Glastonbury, EDC Vegas, SXSW, Sonar (Barcelona + HK), CTM Berlin, Dour, ADE, Woo Hah!, Shambhala, Lightning In A Bottle, Lowlands, Origin NYE, Exit & Outlook.

Ivy Lab head towards the horizon not only with an anchored presence at the cutting edge of the Bass Music landscape, but also with a secured reputation as pioneering label bosses & event promoters within one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary music brands.

Marciana - dEEp
Psy-Techno / Dark Minimal


dEEp / Bom Voyage

Marciana is a second project from Marcia, aka Back to Mars, a Brazilian DJ based in the Netherlands.

Marcia started playing Psytrance as Back to Mars in 2001, but soon after, she started expanding to other styles, and Marciana came to life as a separate project to showcase her evolving musical tastes.
With her unique artistic mixing, deep hypnotic sets, strong connection with the dancefloor, and intuitive understanding of the audience, Marciana’s drive is to inspire people through music.

Miss Tick - NCTRN Records

Miss Tick

NCTRN Records

Originally coming from the Hip-Hop movement, Miss Tick discovered Techno music in 1999. She first started DJing Progressive in 2003 and then dived into Techno. Her journey led her to be part of labels like Spin Twist Records, Bus Rec or NBM, and to organize many parties like the very famous «Trance Embarquement» nights at the Batofar in the Parisian scene.

She has always been known for her very precise, tribal, fat yet glamorous DJ sets that always deliver an intense and driving experience to the public. Important gigs came quickly, like the opening of Ozora Festival in Hungary, Tshitraka in Germany, Subsonic in Australia , Modem Festival in Croatia, Hadra in France to name a few, bringing her to countries like Israel, Morocco, India…

A fervent activist and a committed artist, Miss Tick has been involved in the scene for more than a decade now. The creation of her own label NCTRN Rec (NOCTURNE Rec) in 2018 marks a new page in her adventure, letting her present her favorite music and artists to the world.

N'Gwa - Sub.Conscience Records
Drum & Bass


Sub.Conscience Records

Electronic and psychedelic sound producer from France.

Neurotribe - Cult Collective
Acid Tekno / Acidcore


Cult Collective / Chiaroscuro Records

Neurotribe discovered the magic of producing Mental music at a very young age, and this strong pull never left him, quite the contrary.
In 2014 he started getting familiar with the Free Party Movement, where he instantly got inspired and naturally started to produce Tekno. From there, his style was embraced almost instantly, and quickly his performances spread widely throughout Europe.

Over the years, his music always keeps evolving, without losing its strong signature sound. His style is characterized by distorted yet tribal & flowing rhythms, enriched by engaging melodies.

In 2020 he co-founded “Chiaroscuro Records”, making sure to contribute to the Tekno community in every way he can.

O.D.M - Martyrs Records
Primal Techno


Martyrs Records

O.D.M is the parallel project of Loïck Poëzac'h, a member of the duo Ekahö.
This project represents several years of production in the shadows that is now starting to stand out.
O.D.M's music is intense and powerful, but above all primal - a return to the roots after so many years exploring all the nuances of the alternative music scene.
Guided by his Creole roots and the 5 natural elements, O.D.M brings a unique touch to his music. Directly influenced by the atmosphere created by Guardian Records, he decided to create Martyrs Records to support this style of music that best represents his personality and is on the rise.
He is determined to conquer dancefloors all around the world with his sounds that merge animosity and primal soundscapes, but with a psychedelic twist.

Experimental / Breakcore


Slap Press

Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist. Filippo has recorded several solo albums, as well as recording in the duo Metaxu and with the trio Dogon. He has performed live for national Italian State radio broadcasts (RAI) with renowned avant-turntablist, Christian Marclay and collaborates with numerous international artists such as Mike Cooper, Peter Brotzmann, Mike Patton, Matt Gustafson, Zu, Damo Suzuki, Andy EX, Kawabata Makoto, Metamkine…
Økapi’s album releases illustrate his unique and edgy use of turntables and computers beyond the Hip-Hop school of chopped up music, creating music that veers from orchestral to lounge with quirky experimental electronics that maintain a delicate and spacious sound throughout.
His amazing skills at sample mixing are simply outstanding and during Okapi live sets he mixes: Techno, Broken Beat, Electro, 8-bit with melodies from Klezmer, Polka, children’s music, Idiot Pop and Hawaiian classics to name but a few…

Drum & Bass


Neosignal Records / NËU

Phace (whose real name is Florian Harres) is a German music producer, DJ and label owner living in Hamburg, Germany. Influenced by bands and artists such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, The Prodigy, Photek, Thomas Bangalter, Miles Davis, Optical and Konflict, he is known for his state of the art, futuristic, and distinct sound-design and songwriting. He records music both with analog and digital equipment in his studio in Hamburg Altona.
He produces a wide variety of music, mainly Drum & Bass, but also Electro, Half-Tempo, Bass, Beats and Techno and scores music for film and video games.
He co-owns two record labels: Neosignal and NËU, and has released on several other labels including Skrillex's OWSLA, Deadmau5's Mau5trap, Kitsuné, Noisia's 'Vision' and Division and has performed at international music festivals such as EDC, Beyond Wonderland, Let it Roll, UAF, Outlook, Dour, Fusion, Boomtown etc.
He is also one half of the German electronic band project Neosignal (together with Michael Bräuninger/Misanthrop). They debuted their electro audio-visual live show (based on Ableton Live) at London's legendary Fabric Night Club in 2013.
At the start of his international career he was voted Germany's "Best Drum & Bass DJ and Producer" at the Future Music Awards in 2006. His debut album PSYCHO, released in 2007 on Subtitles Music imprint, was voted Album of the Month in the British Mixmag Magazine. To the present he released 5 full-length studio albums and is regarded as a groundbreaking figure of bass-focused electronic music. His 2018 album BETWEEN, released on his own label Neosignal Recordings, was again listed Album of the Month in Mixmag Magazine in August 2018.
In 2019 Phace released a series of collaborations with other artists under the LINKED banner on Neosignal, and released a new solo EP entitled CAGED on Noisia's Vision Recordings in 2020. In 2021, he reinstated the LINKED series with five new singles to date, and released the mini-album System Irrelevant on Neosignal in December.

Pius Perplex
Hypnotic Techno

Pius Perplex

PointZero Records / Konfusus Kollektif / Terraform Records

A long legged man with a deep interest in psychedelic and hypnotic Techno. He is known for his groovy sets that will make your brain wiggle.

Drum & Bass


Born and raised in Groningen, Netherlands, Frank Post embarked on his musical journey with remixes for Noisia on Deadmau5’s mau5trap label, followed by an album deal with his fellow Dutchmen on Division Recordings. Crafting his production alias Posij after exploring Greek ruins, grappling with a dislike for swimming, and honing his skills in graphic design, Frank brings a contemporary twist to the experimental roots of electronic music. His innovative approach to bass music resonates with audiences, underscoring his reputation as an exciting new producer. A self-professed studio enthusiast, Posij found his musical calling in his early teens.
Rescam vs Kesta - Ethereal Decibel Records
Techno Progressive

Rescam vs Kesta

Ethereal Decibel Records

Immersed in electronic music at the age of 16, Rescam discovered the Rave scene in western France. In 2011, he became one of the resident DJs for the Ethereal Decibel Records label. Tapping into Techno, Progressive, and Acid, he is a fan of sharp and impactful soundscapes!

Active in the Techno scene with the collectives and associations Tout En Kamion Sound System, Ethereal Decibel Company, and Mood Krafterz, Kesta is accustomed to enchanting dancefloors. Having fallen into Techno several years ago, he plays with styles, blends them, and elevates them as he pleases for the enjoyment of the listeners.

Rise - Psymind



In the mid-1990's, Rise lived in Paris and bathed in urban culture. Her musical preferences were Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Funk and House music. In the year 2000 she discovered underground electro parties and psychedelic culture; its music, art and spirituality. During underground parties in unusual places, she made unforgettable encounters and fed off the sounds of Techno, Goa and Psytrance and celebrated tribal and electric dances. Posted behind the DJs, she carefully observed their mixing techniques and her curiosity for their craft and tools became insatiable. Her new mission was clear: to become a DJ. She seized the decks in 2006 and quickly took to the Progressive sounds influenced by labels such as Iboga Records, Echoes Records and Iono Records. With her vibes, track selection and attention to detail, she has since been invited to play in Clubs as well as rave parties and festivals in France and all over the globe. She has shared the stage with famous legends of the genre such as Liquid Soul, Astrix, Vini Vici, Ajja, Perfect Stranger, Juno Reactor and many others.
Inspired by a variety of influences, her universe of sound is vast, sensual and atmospheric; her ''beats'': incisive, progressive, dynamic and always groovy!
Since 2019, she has reconnected with Techno music and offers mixes between Psy-Techno, Minimal and Techno.

Salomé DV vs 13 - Volkane
Techno / Breakbeat

Salomé DV vs 13

Volkane / Epsylonn Otoktone

A duo born from the collaboration between two music lovers, having the common desire to share the powerful positive energies of Techno. Their only goal is to make people dance and to transmit positive energy.
Member of the sound system Epsylonn since its creation, Treize has been experimenting various musical genres throughout the years: Techno, Mental, Acid, Jungle, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Breakcore/Hardcore... With Epsylonn, he crosses Europe several times to organize parties and share his music.
His meeting with Salomé reinforces his passion for mixing and it is in 2018 that they decide to perform together.
Salomé discovered the world of free parties when she was 15 years old and with it, the diverse range of electronic music. Her rhythmic sets tinged with percussion are above all evolutionary, oscillating with smashing kicks between Acid, Tribal & Rave sounds of the 90s. In 2019, she performed in the Paris region, at Wanderlust and Madame Hyde's Festival, as well as in the west of France at 1988 Liveclub, before joining Elemento Records in 2021.

Speechmaker - Ethos Records


Ethos Records / ÖND

“No judgment, just an unleashing of emotions and a synergy of the senses.”
This is Speechmaker’s definition of his music, and its message. A blend of styles with no taboo throughout a dystopian exploration.
Varied rhythms and genres with raw mechanics in order to escape and free the mind.
Co-founder of Ethos Records alongside Eendracht, he also joined the Rennes-based association ÖND.

Acidcore / Tekno


Joel Tambour aka Suburbass, is one of the pioneers of the French Electronic scene.
A live performer since 1996 & Electronic producer since 1984.
He has played in more than 700 parties & released around 50 vinyls and CDs on labels such as Le Diable Au Corps, WAR, Ballistic, Astrofonik, TNL, FSL,Tekita, etc.
He is also an ex-singer for 15 bands (Rock, Punk, Ska, HxC Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, Technopop, Batcave, Nu-Wave. ..) since the age of 14.
In 1984, he started with 4×4 beats with sequencers and synths (Casio, Korg, Roland, Yamaha…), a guitar and a microphone, making Technopop, Electroclash and EBM.
He stumbled upon his first party in 1988 by chance (Hacienda, Manchester) because he was a big fan of JoyDivision and Factory Records, and then, during the summer of Love, he discovered the amazing world of technoid tunes, Acid House and Rave music…
Shortly after that, at the beginning of the 90’s, he started attending his first Free Parties.
In 1996, he finally took the decision to go out with his machines in order to play for other party people, and he simply never stopped.
He now plays all over Europe every weekend in loads of different events.
He is now totally addicted to the repetitive beats & travels throughout Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria…) with his faithful live set (machines only) and delivers a nostalgic diversity built upon his numerous sonic experiences.
Bass Music / Glitch

Thalys vs Wulgar

Ethereal Decibel Records

Thalys :
Corentin, aka Thalys, has been surrounded by music since childhood. As the son of musicians and music teachers, he has listened to a wide range of genres, influences, and styles for as long as he can remember. After learning to play the flute, drums, and electric guitar, and participating in Punk Rock, Metal, and traditional Batucada percussion groups, he eventually turned to audio design and DJing.
Today, he shares his passion for music by mixing deep, glitchy, and mystical sounds. From Psy-Dub to Breakbeat, Techno to Forest, his sets are always progressive, alternating between styles and influences to take you on a journey into his vision of psychedelia.
This year, he’ll be sharing the stage with Wulgar.

Triforce - Zenon Records
Dark Techno / Zenon


Zenon Records

Triforce is the musical project of Charlotte Lohmann and Ryan Smith.
Ryan's background as a metal guitarist and Charlotte’s long history as a vocalist/pianist has led them to become a dynamic musical team. Creating music together and experimenting with a variety of genres for many years has led them to form a rich musical bond, resulting in a unique sound that sits in the uncharted territory between Hard and Dark Techno and Progressive Psytrance. Focusing on dark organic eastern timbres, they aim to breathe rich melody and beautifully orchestrated motifs into their original productions.

ULaws - Nyctophilia
Dark Techno


Nyctophilia / TekHilarant

With a passion for Techno and over a decade of DJing, ULaws is an emergent French producer, a local activist with TekHilarant Sound System and a schedule manager for Dark Beat Factory.
His music is a deep and dark universe, where mental sounds cross paths with the power of Techno. Don’t go searching for any brightness in his sets, his Techno comes from the depths of the underground.
He also has a second project based on experimental and Ambient sounds under the alias TeakmienMan.

Mental Techno


Vel, aka Jennifer Parienté, is a Moroccan artist, France-based DJ and producer of Electronic music.
When she left Rabat, her hometown, at 18 years old for Lyon, Jennifer studied to become an engineer. Yet, one particular night shook her path up: she met Techno music for the first time at the club “Le Sucre” and it was love at first sight. With these new doors now opened, she passionately nurtured from the club culture she encountered there, up to the point where she allowed herself to ascend, becoming Vel.
Celar-paced yet textured Techno, powerful yet graceful, Vel’s sound radiates through throbbing drums she summons from her memories, celestial whispers and fragile voices: the divine feminine emanates from all the pulsating vibrations she casts. During sets, Vel knows no limits of genre, she’s always eager to hit hard, defying boundaries and BPMs, a true force of nature.
In a small amount of time, Vel’s journey was already marked by the friendship and the guidance of artists such as François X, u.r.trax or In Aeternam Vale. She looks up to them and to other
artists where she also finds inspiration: Bjarki, Anetha, Schacke, Objekt...
The last three years, Vel released 3 EP: «Who by fire» on Unusual Records (2020), «He Took One Cliché» on Nasdat (2021), «Era L» on François X’s label XX LAB (2022). Vel is also an active member of Under Rave, u.r.trax’s collective, and Lyon’s Techno scene.
Recently, Vel got herself a full-circle moment when she became resident at Le Sucre (Lyon), the club where she first discovered electronic music a few years ago.
She gave a standout live at Nuits Sonores 2021 (Lyon) with In Aeternam Vale. She also played big at HÖR (Berlin) last summer.
These last years, Vel played at Blitz Club (Munich), Aeden (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris), Mondo Disko (Madrid), Poing (Rotterdam), E1 (London), Macadam (Nantes), La Belle Électrique (Grenoble), Transbordeur (Lyon), Trabendo (Paris), La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris).
Visages - 1985 Music
Drum & Bass


Founded in 2017, the Toulouse-based collective ‘Visages’ was brought together by several years of friendship and a shared love of event management (Dusk DNB) in their hometown.
The 4 piece ensemble consists of Valentin, Etienne, Tom and Kévin. Each member brings their own area of expertise and point of view.
Their musical influences are very diverse, from Hip-Hop to Rock, from Reggae to Ambient, This is reflected in their productions with a wide range of diversity, alternating between soulful Drum & Bass and Deep Dubstep.
2018 saw the release of their first EP on the French label ‘Impact Music’ which immediately captivated the Bass Music community. Subsequently, they quickly went on to release music with the respected labels Flexout Audio and Dispatch Recordings.
Catching the attention of highly influential producer and DJ Alix Perez, 2019 saw them join his imprint 1985 Music.
Looking ahead, Visages are armed with an array of new music and club and festival bookings across the world and they are showing absolutely no sign of slowing down.
Bayawaka - Merkaba Music / Shanti Planti


Merkaba Music / Shanti Planti

Bayawaka is a chameleon, flawlessly adapting his colorful output to space and time. He develops a diverse library of psychedelic Downtempo, Bass Music, Breaks and Electronica. A true vagabond of the festival circuit, Bayawaka has consistently performed on the revered stages of Boom, Ozora, Mo:dem, Fusion, Rainbow Serpent, Origin and Tribal Gathering, as well as Universo Paralello, Glastonbury, Noisily, Earth Frequency and Rabbits Eat Lettuce. With his ability to hold the floor from Chill-Out zones to main stages alike, it’s no wonder that the world’s biggest alternative music events have given Golan their full support for the past decade.

Coruja - Atomes Music
Downtempo / Ethno Techno


Atomes Music

"Coruja," or “owl” in Portuguese, presents himself as a nocturnal bird of the Norman hedgerows. As a self-sufficient solar DJ, he crafts sets encompassing Downtempo, Organic House, and Indie Dance using photovoltaic cells. His rhythms will sweep you across countries and influences with a single beat of its wings. Beware, you might lose a few feathers along the way.

Cyber Life

Cyber Life

Pærer / Syrinx Music

Both a DJ and a producer, inspired by a wide range of electronic and tribalistic genres, Cyberlife, is a passionate human being born for endless mind growth and music dedication. His ambition is to shape a very personal style, surfing on forward thinking, psychedelic, hypnotic and melancholic vibes. By applying layers of effects on stretched field recordings or destructured analog synths jams on a large scale of tempos, the exploration of the meanders of the matrix of electronic music defines his director line, with an aim to find transcendance and reveal a futuristic and organic universe rooted to some old school influences.


Dizizetest vs Marcel Larcen

Don Pepe - Muimina Sounds
Instrumental Downtempo

Don Pepe

Muimina Sounds

Don Pepe fell into the rabbit hole of DJ culture in his early teens, 20 years ago.
Some years of humble experimentation followed until a certain Boom Festival 2008 gave him enough hubris to take this artform more seriously.
As a dedicated Goa-head, he found a kinship with the Suomisaundi scene that was peaking at the time, and started touring as Bäverdisco.
He joined the Random Records crew in 2011, where he released the compilation KWERK in 2016, focusing on the marriage of deep Forest atmospheres and quirky, groovy Suomisaundi.
Many deaths and rebirths have passed over the years.
What has remained is a never ending love and lust for musical exploration - whether it is behind the decks or in the studio!
As a DJ, Don Pepe refuses to be pigeonholed. With an "old school" mindset he always prefers playing long sets, 4 hours or more, to give the music and the dancers room to breathe. In such a "cocoon", genres and eras become secondary - what matters is that you're relaxed and able to let go.

Deep Dubstep


Ethereal Decibel Records

Also known as Mr. Änkh, this young DJ and producer from Nantes has quickly become a devoted guest at Ethereal Decibel Company gatherings among the local independent artists. Channeling his passion for heavy Bass Music, he combines immersion and energy, providing his audience with the opportunity to dance and dream at the same time!



Ekorce - Feel Life Music


Feel Life Music

Ekorce is about telling stories with organic sounds, hypnotic melodies, broken rhythms and deep sub basses. This psychedelic Downtempo project is led by the French producer Kyrian Nicolay-Kritter. He started piano at the age of 6 and drums at the age of 11. Interested in all kinds of music, he first made electronic music in high school. Whilst studying neurosciences at university, he continued making music and produced a few tracks. Inspired by psychedelic music for many years, he launched the project Ekorce in 2015 and has been developing his sound year after year.



Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis, is Vince Lebarde's multi-flavoured musical project.
Created in 2001, Electrypnose is exploring the electronic music-and-noise world and tries to share its' sound universe. Since the start of the project, Vince has become a professional producer in the Psytrance scene.
Based in Switzerland, the laboratory has never stopped being active since the beginning of the project. After the first track released in 2003 by Peak Records, more than 100 pieces of work have been released on record labels from all corners of the globe.
He acquired his knowledge over the years by working in his studio, exploring the potential of computer programs and musical gears. Although best known for his Trance-oriented material, Vince is experimenting with several music genres; Chill-Out, Techno, Electronica, Trip-Hop and a bit of saxophone.
In 2001, Electrypnose began as a duo project with a friend (Grand Mage) as a way to experiment and explore in the Psytrance genre. Eventually, different life paths meant Electrypnose became a solo project for Vince. 2002 brought the first performance ever at a private and very small party in the Swiss mountains.
The record label "Kabrathor" was launched with close friends in 2004. It is also the first year of the Primitif Workshop, a gathering organized in Switzerland for people from all over the world who produce all kinds of electronic music. Each year, Electrypnose, along with friends, would bring together various musicians from different countries to share passion, knowledge and skills in a dedicated place.
Since then, a lot of new material has been released, along with overseas gigs and a deepening of these projects.
Deep Dubstep / Chillstep


Funky Freaks Records
Frederika - Lump Records
Downtempo / Organic House


Lump Records / A Tribe Called Kotori

Frederika is a french artist who creates hybrid mixes with deep bass, powerful rhythms and ethnic melodies from all over the world, resulting in a melodic and a transcendental fusion.
Her music invites the audience into a deep sensorial experience, guiding them to connection, awakening and unconditional love.
Her mantra : spread good vibes, make bodies dance and souls flow.

Hamcat - ADN Music


ADN Music
Ethno Chill


Hymago - Froggy Touch



aka Froggy Touch

Ethno Psy-Bass


Indra is a DJane and founder of Croatian based Ecstatic Dance She’s been musically active for more than 20 years. She has played at various events as well as at the international radio stations that promote alternative culture. Indra's sound is a fusion of floating mystical atmospheres and deep Dub bass lines with ethnic elements. Her original sets are known for Indra’s feminine subtlety and her art of telling a story through music.
Ambient & Voice

Leya Touch

With her incantatory voice interwoven with analog synthesizers,
Drum machines and a loop station, Leya Touch guides you on a sonic journey that defies genre constraints.
With a background in Brittany in curating alternative events with "Le Bateau Louche » while developing a captivating graphic universe, she is now taking the Brussels music alternative scene with a daring solo project.
Rooted in the rhythms of dancing drums, her charismatic voice narrates the intimate of everyday life while claiming the inequalities of a chaotic world.
An hypnotic experience about frequencies and emotional oscillations.
After performing live regularly she is now ready to take it a step further with her upcoming solo EP “Cortex Clamor” to be released soon
Mars Massive


Psykedream / ADN Music

Having taken his first steps in 2012 with Psytrance, Mars-Massive, a sound designer and engineer, now offers us a universe where various shades of Bass music such as Neuro-Hop or Drum & Bass come together with World music and Jazz.

Initially an artist with Toulouse-based Sagouins Crew since 2016, Mars-Massive then joined the Psykedream Music label in 2018 and ADN Music in 2020.

His creations, with their varied influences and meticulous sound design, seek to offer us a journey through multiple cinematic soundscapes, composed of subtle melodic motifs, textured bass and carefully researched effects.

Master Minded
Ethno Psy-Bass

Master Minded

Merkaba Music / Shanti Planti

The Master Minded project started somewhere in the early 2000s, when the passion for making electronic music was taking over.
He believes that making music is all about exposing your emotions, especially the deepest ones that we don’t have the ability to express in words.
He bounces between rhythms and floats on magical melodies, his style is his own spirit. and as our emotions change, so does his music.

Deep Reggae



Melojoy is a music enthusiast who has been collecting vinyl records spanning diverse genres from the 1970s to the present day. Whether curating eclectic or targeted selections, she has the ability to get you moving to the rhythms of Afro, Reggae, Cadence, Soul, and more. For her appearance on the Nest, she will take you on a journey around the world with a 100% vinyl Deep Reggae selection.



World Grooves




Sol Selectas / 3000 Grad / Down.

Mula is a French electronic music performer & producer. He plays hypnotic Downtempo Chill sets influenced by deep instrumental world music, perfect for sunny afternoons ! He also sends crowds into raptures for a long time with percussive Tech-House and Progressive House, Ethno, Tribal & Afro House sets, also perfect for clubs or festivals !

N'Gwa - Sub.Conscience Records


Sub.Conscience Records

Electronic and psychedelic sound producer from France.

Ambient / IDM


.EZ Records

Drums, noise, dark and shamanic rituals.

Downtempo / Bass Music


Ethereal Decibel Records

Nibana is the psychedelic music project of Kevin B, a French producer born and raised in France.
Greatly influenced by Pink Floyd, Tool, Aphex Twin and many more, from the age of 10 years Kevin started self-taught production by practicing all the instruments he could find and creating all kinds of music styles without limitations.
From the creation of a metal band to his electronic project Nibana in 2012, many influences can be found in Live-Acts. From his Chillout side (Psybient / Downtempo) : deep and melodic, his PsyBass side : stomping and glitched, his total opposite Psytrance project with industrial FXs surrounded by stygian and cinematic atmospheres and melodies, to his brand new dark, futuristic and progressive project Amortalist signed on the renowned label Zenon Records.
He already had the opportunity to play on international parties & festivals and had worked with multiple respected and renowned artists of the psychedelic scene.

Breakoacoustique - Nomisacoustique
Ambient / IDM


Quadrivium / Painted Chaos / Metacortex / Freepsy

A side project from Breakoacoustique, oriented towards IDM and Ambient sounds.

Children TV


Slap Press

Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist. Filippo has recorded several solo albums, as well as recording in the duo Metaxu and with the trio Dogon. He has performed live for national Italian State radio broadcasts (RAI) with renowned avant-turntablist, Christian Marclay and collaborates with numerous international artists such as Mike Cooper, Peter Brotzmann, Mike Patton, Matt Gustafson, Zu, Damo Suzuki, Andy EX, Kawabata Makoto, Metamkine…
Økapi’s album releases illustrate his unique and edgy use of turntables and computers beyond the Hip-Hop school of chopped up music, creating music that veers from orchestral to lounge with quirky experimental electronics that maintain a delicate and spacious sound throughout.
His amazing skills at sample mixing are simply outstanding and during Okapi live sets he mixes: Techno, Broken Beat, Electro, 8-bit with melodies from Klezmer, Polka, children’s music, Idiot Pop and Hawaiian classics to name but a few…..

Sunrizer vs Cirklz
Disco / World

Sunrizer vs Cirklz

Sub.Conscience / Mood Crafterz

Sunrizer is a huge fan of the old school culture of the 90s and its Euro Dance and Euro Trance.
Always seeking for more 'tuning' sounds, he especially loves rhythmic music that tickles the 150 bpm mark. As you may have guessed, one shouldn't take themselves too seriously—just listen to their heart and lace up their shoes well! And off we go, things are about to heat up in your Bermuda shorts!

Edgar aka Cirklz takes the way of Moodism* in 2009 with his first CD players.
It is not in a remote monastery surrounded by monks that he makes his skills but well and truly in cow fields in wet Brittany.
Evolving at the same time on the Rave, Club and Trance scenes, his musical landscape’s foundation is the fusion of these styles. Oscillating mainly between a powerful, groovy Techno-House as well as a committed and percussive Techno. The red thread of this project is based on the positive atmosphere that the musical selection gets on the dancefloor and the energy that it generates.
*(Moodism: term invented by the Mood Krafterz crew, meaning the preaching of good mood, good basslines and an optimistic attitude!)

Elowinz - Tapes Reunion - Parvati Records
Jazz / IDM

Tapes Reunion

Parvati Records

Tapes Reunion is a side project by Diogo Gouvea, aka Elowinz.
His music roots are in Hardcore and Punk bands where he played and performed in the underground scene of Sao Paulo.

Since 2005, he has been producing psychedelic music on different projects.
The detailed percussion work together with arrangements of different synthesizers gently guide the dancers into a trance.

Tierra Profunda
Downtempo / Ethno Techno

Tierra Profunda

Tibetania / Kosmozoo / Kosa Records

Using music to convey a message of love and gratitude, Tierra Profunda has managed over the past 3 years to fully integrate itself into this large tree of artists and to stand out with its multiple sounds traveling through the immensity of electronic music culture.
Immersing himself in the light of organic House and the depths of Downtempo, Tierra Profunda has already colored the airwaves with several tracks released on multiple labels, which have received more than encouraging acclaim and feedback.
After appearing in France for private events, in Chile at Puesco Fest and at Sunday ecstatic dance sessions in Pucon (Chile), there's no doubt that Tierra Profunda's place in the world of dance music will continue to grow.

Dubstep Tribal


Tribal Garden

Influenced by fusion and progressive music since a young age, Tikal discovered her passion for Bass Music through Drum & Bass and Deep Dubstep, leading her quickly into the world of DJing. In 2017, she founded the Tribal Garden collective within the Festival for Another World, an immersive Chill-Out space featuring alternative and underground music, reminiscent of nomadic and ethnic camps. Moving away from the typical dancefloor spirit, she establishes herself with a Chillbass and Deep Dubstep sound, while maintaining a tribal sonic imprint, with obscure and intense infrabass. Accompanied by the talented dancer Floria Lia on this musical journey, each one of Tikal's sets are narrated like a story, fully immersing the audience alongside the artist. It is an auditory, introspective, powerful, and enchanting experience that allows us to reconnect more with ourselves and with others.


WR1 Project

Ethereal Decibel Records

The WE ARE ONE Project, c’est la rencontre nantaise de deux musiciens addicts de groove et de basses vrombissantes : WAN (percussionniste électrocuté) et PETERSØN (producer & DJ un peu complètement barré). Après avoir retourné bon nombre de salles et de festivals en solo, c’est désormais en duo qu’ils officient pour le plus grand plaisir de nos neurones et de nos mollets.
Adeptes de sonorités sans frontière, ils distillent un groove mélodique et énergique tout en solarité, où l’exotisme tropical flirte avec des basses technoïdes imposantes et jouissives.
PETERSØN est « l’architecte musical » de The WE ARE ONE Project, il construit les sets et les mélodies du duo en mixant créations et sélections chinées aux quatre coins du monde.
WAN est quant à lui « le maître percussif » du projet, il apporte une vraie profondeur aux Lives en faisant chanter et résonner tour à tour son hang, ses hand-pans, ses percussions électroniques et traditionnelles.
Fraîchement éclos (2019), ils ont rejoint le label Ethereal Decibel Records en janvier 2020 après avoir écumé ensemble quelques festivals. Un premier album est en cours de gestation. Work in progress…

YoY Project

YoY Project

Hadra Altervision

YoY Project is the psychedelic music project of Yoan Richard, a French producer from Grenoble.
Originally a guitarist in an instrumental group, he quickly developed a love for composition and arrangements, a love that will only grow following his discovery of computer music production in 2014.
After studying fundamental physics for 5 years, he decided to launch himself entirely into the world of music in order to live from his passion.
A versatile composer, he composes on a wide range of styles, from Ambient to Progressive Rock all the way to Metal and Film music.
Combining organic instrument and psychedelic sound design, his music is inner, emotional and poetic.


C'est un dyslexique et un mec qui en a marre qu'on lui dise qu'il ressemble a Mario qui ont fait un tube par erreur. Aujourd’hui, ils ont pour mission de faire de la musique de fête en bricolant dans l’ordinateur et en criant dans un micro.

Balle de Flipper

Balle de Flipper fait de la synthpop. Enfin c'est ce qu'il croit. En vrai, il y connait rien mais il agite ses
doigts n'importe comment sur des synthés en espérant que ça marche. Un peu comme sur un flipper.

Francis Mac Douglas

Francis Mac Douglas, un nom qui résonne comme une légende américaine, est originaire de Los Santos en Californie. Son histoire commence dans l'ombre alors qu'il est membre d'un gang notoire, jonglant entre la survie et l'adrénaline des rues.
Le destin de Francis prend un tournant inattendu lorsque la musique, tel un phénix, brise les chaînes qui le retiennent. Sa rédemption se manifeste à travers la musique, une voix s'élevant au-dessus du tumulte des rues pour transmettre un message de réconciliation, d'unité et de fun.
Artiste engagé, notamment pour la défense des animaux, l'univers de Francis est un véritable grand écart musical. Il explore les paysages sonores, de "La Rave" festive au rap percutant, en passant par la techno. Mais ce qui caractérise vraiment l'artiste, c'est son sens de l'humour unique, illustré par son célèbre morceau "La Grosse Queuleuleu" rappelant à tous que même au cœur du chaos, il faut savoir sourire.
Ses performances live sont légendaires, mêlant improvisation et interaction avec le public. Assister à un concert de Francis, ce n'est pas simplement écouter de la musique, c'est danser, rire, c'est vivre une expérience mélangeant le fun, la rave, l'amour et l'électro.
Francis est aidé par son manager de l'ombre Gaël Mectoob qui connait bien l'internet et les vidéos qui font rire. Il n'a aucun intérêt financier dans cette histoire, juste le plaisir de voir Francis, son petit poulain, s'épanouir tel un petit papillon plein d'espoir de promesses.

Hemingway Effect

Émotivité sonore, doux et mystérieux personnage superposant les loops de sa
guitare (parfois rondes, parfois triturés), lançant percutant un beat technoide sortie de sa boîte à rythme,
jouant quelques mélodies et nappes avec ses synthé analogiques, chantant d'une voix typé punk/rap des
textes anglophones et français. Aider par son camarade kik’s (rappeur), l'effet rentrera t'il en tête ?

Le bal des Funtôme

Les Funtômes sont des spectres invoqué.e.s par la Prêtresse du Village pour rendre hommage au Mouton Bouchon, le messie du culte du obscure des Moutons Électriques. Adeptes d'Eurodance, piqués par la Trance et émissaires du Hard Chpoing, ces entités funtomatiques n'auront de cesse d'agiter vos nuits en transformant le Village Électrique en un dancefloor gigantesque et turbulent

Le chamboule vraiment tout

U n e g r o s s e e n v i e d e t o u t CHAMBOULER ?
Ça tombe bien ! Vous assistez au Chamboule tout, le jeu qui chamboule vraiment tout ! Animé par le présentateur vedette Jean-Paul Flag, rythmé par les interventions de sa douce assistante Pépita et mis en son par DJ Deschamps, ce jeu qui n’a rien à envier au Bigdil ou à Interville ravira les plus grands.

Le but est simple, faire tomber tous les gobelets avec de simples boules de chaussettes. Ensuite, vous pouvez accéder à la planche à fakir où une cascade de mini-jeux vous attend : blind-test, lancer des fléchettes sur des têtes d’animateur, lancer d’anneaux sur le sabre laser de rocco siffredi, limbo, ainsi que de nombreux autres jeux.

Pour gagner, une seule règle: TOUTCHAMBOULER !
Venez et repartez des étoiles plein les yeux!


Mectoob, l’artiste polyvalent aux talents multiples, s’est érigé en tant que personnalité incontournable de la scène bass française, laissant son empreinte pendant plus de 15 ans.
Reconnu tant pour ses vidéos humoristiques sur YouTube que pour ses sets dubstep percutants, Mectoob explore avec audace la diversité de la bass music. Il navigue habilement entre la drum and bass, la bass house et la UK bass, agrémentant son style de touches électro et tech house selon son inspiration du moment.
Membre actif du groupe Joe La Mouk, Mectoob a conquis un public plus large grâce à son talent de comédien et ses apparitions télévisées ou sur YouTube, "10 minutes à perdre", "Studio Bagel", "Bapt & Gaël", ainsi que dans des programmes emblématiques tels que "Groland" et "Dezapping du Before" sur Canal+ ou "Dr Cac" sur France 5.

Son parcours dans le monde des festivals et des soirées l'a conduit à se produire à la Techno Parade (à deux reprises), au Dream Nation Festival, ainsi qu'aux soirées Splash et All Naked. Il a enflammé des lieux mythiques tels que le Batofar, le Yoyo, le Cabaret Sauvage, le Glazart, le Transbo, l'Ubu à Rennes, le Zoo à Genève, le Ferrailleur et le Warehouse à Nantes...

Mectoob a partagé la scène avec des artistes renommés, tels que Bloody Beetroots (à plusieurs reprises), Russian Village Boys, Kill The Noise, Must Die, Pegboards Nerds, Dodge & Fuski, Niveau Zero, TBBT, The Geek, Neus, Elisa Do Brasil...


Radioscoutisme pose son campement chez toi afin d’y prêcher la bonne parole, Mené par le Chef François, la troupe des
quatre scouts t’impose un Karaoké débile joué en Live et délicieusement chanté par tes cordes vocales avinées. Seule
mission : trouver un partenaire qui viendra pédaler sur notre vélo, façon Raymond Poulidor, afin de faire fonctionner la TV
qui t’offrira les paroles. Vos prouesses seront agrémentées d’une avalanche de Quiz, d’une tempête de défis pour gagner
un torrent de cadeaux et surtout, beaucoup d’amour.
« Scout un jour, Scout toujours ! »

Rider Chips

Le Rider Chips c'est les jeux olympiques avec le pique-nique offert. Du vélo, du tennis, du flipper, de la course, du tir de précision, le tout dans un rythme épileptique avec des frites à prix libre. Avec Alpha312, manger bouger !


FlexiM x Laton Raver, les VIBRISSS, sont les cofondateursde la CHAT MANIK, fête diurne
Nantaise de la trance à la tribe.
Ils commencent leur projet en 2022 dans l’optique de propager, en duo, l’énergie que souhaite
transmettre leur collectif. Membres actifs de plusieurs collectifs (Esprits Sauvages,Stratégies & Styles, LaLaverieProd.),ils
sont acteurs de la scène électronique Nantaise comme DJ set producteurs.
Influencés par des milieux différents, l’un commence à évoluer dans les clubs Nantais, passant de la Techno House à des grooves
psychédéliques tandis que l’autre fait ses armes en free party sur ses productions Acidcore.
La synergie des deux créé un univers à la fois transcendantal et explosif qui vient emporter le public et littéralement retourner le dancefloor.