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How to get there?


The festival will take place in Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts, in the Manche region, Normandy, 1 hour drive from Rennes.

🚘 BY CAR: Enter “Access Ethereal Decibel Festival” in your GPS, or simply head to Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts and then follow the signs. You can join the Facebook group to arrange carpooling: Carpooling Festival 2024.

🚊 BY TRAIN AND BUS: Nearest train station: Avranches (50300).

✈️ BY PLANE: Nearest airports: Rennes, Caen, Nantes, Dinard.

🚌 BY SHUTTLE: Departing from Rennes or from Avranches. You have to book your shuttle ticket through our ticketing system.

Distances and estimated travel times:

Paris : 281km (3h30)
Rennes  : 85km (1h)
Nantes  : 192km (2h)
Brest  : 291km (3h)
Caen  : 123km (1h25)
Lyon : 731km (6h20)
Toulouse  : 782km (6h40)
Bordeaux  : 550km (4h50)

Saint Brieuc  : 148km (1h40)
La Rochelle : 334km (3h30)
Tours  : 243km (2h20)
Angers : 147km (2h)
Strasbourg  : 823km (7h)
Lille : 509km (4h40)
Marseille  : 1040km (8h50)
Montpellier : 906km (7h50)



Departure from Rennes SNCF train station to Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts (festival site). Please note that the bus does not stay on-site.

Book your shuttle ticket here


Pick-up for festival attendees at Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts (festival site) to return to Rennes SNCF train station.

Book your shuttle ticket here


Departure from Avranches SNCF train station to Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts (festival site).
Please note that the bus does not stay on-site. 

Book your shuttle ticket here


Pick-up for festival attendees at Saint-Symphorien-des-Monts (festival site) to return to Avranches SNCF train station.

Book your shuttle ticket here

Camping and Parking

Facilities include: a camping area, toilets, showers, and different parking spaces (for trucks / for camper vans / for cars / with special access for reduced mobility).

⏱🚙 Parking spaces will open on: details to be announced
⏱⛺ Camping and the festival site will open on: details to be announced

Please be patient and avoid arriving early! We aim to limit traffic and parking in the surrounding villages 😉

We look forward to seeing you!

The Ethereal Decibel Festival is back this year in an upgraded version to kick off the summer in style!


Tips for a serene festival experience:

  • Don’t forget: a headlamp, sleeping bag, mattress, breathalyzers, tent or hammock, water bottle, snacks for small cravings, first aid kit, shower essentials (only natural & organic products), everything else is superficial. Don’t bring any valuables with you.
  • Bring cash: not all stands are equipped with card payment terminals.
  • Drink water: in order to reduce our plastic footprint, we won’t sell bottled water, but there will be water points all over the site for you to fill your own bottles.
  • Prepare for both warm and cold weather. In Normandy, the weather can change quickly and the nights can be quite chilly, even in summer. A warm sweater, a good jacket, and a raincoat will help you stay protected from the elements!

Ecological tips

Out of respect for the beauty of the surroundings, we invite you to follow these suggestions:

  • Consider bringing your own fork or spoon to use at the food stands to avoid using disposable ones. Of course, if you don’t have them, they will be provided.
  • Bring a pocket ashtray and trash bags. We can’t stress this enough, but cigarette butts are one of the worst pollutants. To encourage you, we came up with a system: bring a cup full of cigarette butts to the bar and get 1 free beer! Also, bring trash bags to keep your campsite clean!
  • Sort out your waste: recycling bins are available throughout the festival, so be sure to dispose of your waste in the correct bin!

A quick word from EDC :

Based on your feedback from the previous edition, we have prepared an even more beautiful and crazier event for you. In order for the magic to happen, we need everyone present to show respect, kindness, and open-mindedness, towards themselves and others. We count on you to maintain this sense of unity and continue to uphold these values that are so dear to us.

Because exchange, sharing, humanism, and respect are the raw materials for happiness!


Conditions to know before volunteering:

  • Being a volunteer entitles you to an entry to the festival, meals on the days you work, as well as beverages.
  • Dates:
    • Setup: From June 24th to July 4th
    • Festival: From July 5th to July 7th
    • Dismantling: From July 7th to July 12th
  • Shifts:
    • Setup: one 8-hour slot per day of setup (8am-12pm / 2pm-6pm)
    • During the festival: 3 slots of 4 hours each.
    • Dismantling: one 8-hour slot per day of dismantling (8am-12pm / 2pm-6pm)
  • If you have previously volunteered with us for a past edition, please feel free to specify this on your registration form and indicate the position you held.

How to formalize your volunteering?

  • Once your registration is complete, we will give you a phone call to confirm your application (please be patient, this may take several weeks/months).
  • You will be able to access your schedule on Noé, but it will only be finalized the day before the festival.
  • You will fill out your volunteer agreement upon arrival at the venue.
Sign up here











⏱🚙 Parking area will open on Thursday, July 4th 2024, at 2 PM.

⏱⛺ Camping area and festival site will open at 4 PM on Friday, July 5th 2024.

Please be cool, do not show up before these times. It’s very important for us to limit traffic and parking in the villages surrounding the festival site 😉

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Following the tremendous success of the 2023 exploration mission, our dedicated engineers that remained on site have devoted countless hours to revive the ancient mechanical relics that had lain dormant for millennia. Their relentless efforts were not in vain, and we are thrilled to announce the dawn of a new chapter is about to open in the history of the exploration of this extraordinary planet full of surprises…

This unique space outside of time, a place of interstellar encounters, interdimensional sharing, and revolutionary experiments, requires an absolute respect from all involved entities, whether they are participants, organizers, or performers. To ensure a seamless experience over the course of the three§day festival, we have crafted this Galactic Codex to answer all your questions and help you plan your cosmic journey to perfection.


I have an issue with my ticket?

If you have an issue with your ticket, you need to contact the ticketing provider from whom you purchased your pass (Shotgun, SeeTicket, Fnac, etc.). Check your account first to see if your tickets are available 😉

Can I present my ticket on my phone?

Yes, you can also print your E-ticket or keep it on your phone.

Will tickets be available on-site? If so, at what price?

We can’t confirm this for the moment, we might be sold out.

Presale tickets are available here:

Is my festival ticket personalized?

Yes. Be sure to bring your ID.

Only tickets purchased through authorized ticket providers are secure.

For any questions regarding your presale ticket, please contact 

WARNING! Ethereal Decibel Festival cannot be held responsible for issues related to purchasing fraudulent or resold tickets.

Is my presale ticket refundable?

No, presale tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled by the organizer and excluding a case of major emergency.

Can I resell my presale ticket?

Yes. Resales are open and can only be done using SHOTGUN. If you bought your ticket from another ticket provider (FNAC, SeeTicket, etc.), you can only resell it on TicketSwap, and then transmit the buyer’s name and surname to us with a proof of purchase at 

More information and instructions here:–Je-souhaite-revendre-mon-billet


How to get there ?

All information is available here.

A carpooling group is also available on Facebook, feel free to post your announcement and check those already posted using the “Search” functionality.

Will there be shuttles to get to the festival site?

Yes, shuttles are available for trips departing from Avranches or Rennes to get to the festival site. Shuttle tickets are available on our ticketing pageTICKETS.

What time does the festival start?

The festival site (camping and stages) will be open to the public from Friday July 5th at 4 PM. Parking will open on Thursday July 4th at 2 PM!

Music will start on Friday at 7 PM.

Can I come for just one night?

Yes, if you only want to come Saturday night, you can purchase a 2-day / 1-night pass from our ticketing page.

Can I go in and out of the festival site during the event?

Yes. Each festival-goer will receive a bracelet upon arrival. This bracelet will allow them to move between the festival, parking, and outside the site during the entire event. Please keep your bracelet on your wrist throughout the festival.


Camping, parking, animals, etc.

Where are the different parking areas?

The 3 parking areas are close to the festival entrance. This year, the parking areas accommodate all types of vehicles (trucks, converted vehicles, cars…). The closest parking to the entrances will have a reserved area for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Parking is only accessible to festival-goers with a ticket. For obvious safety reasons, it is forbidden to set up tents in all the parking areas. Tents are only allowed in the camping area, and are prohibited next to cars and trucks. Glass bottles are only allowed in the parking areas.

Can I go directly to the festival site upon arrival?

No, you must first go through the ticket office to get your bracelet.

Anyone without a bracelet will be denied entry to the event and will be redirected to the festival ticket office or the exit.

How far are the parking areas from the festival site?

The first parking area is immediately adjacent to the festival, no walking required. The second and third parking areas are not directly adjacent to the site. Expect a 5 to 10-minute walk maximum. The camping area is located on the festival site.

Are there ATMs on the festival site?

No, there are no ATMs on the festival site. The nearest one is in Saint Hilaire du Harcouët (10 km away). Additionally, not all stalls are equipped with card payment devices. We recommend withdrawing cash before you arrive.

What items are prohibited on the festival site?

  • Glass bottles or any other glass items (glass is strictly prohibited in the camping area)
  • Barbecues
  • Weapons, sharp objects, or anything deemed dangerous (pepper spray, replica weapons)
  • Firecrackers, distress rockets
  • Animals (except assistance dogs)
  • Drones
  • Aérosols
  • Flammable substances (gasoline, etc…)

Should I bring warm clothing?

Yes, it can get quite cold and it might rain. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

Can I bring my dog on the festival site?

Unfortunately, no. The festival site is home to many wild animals (although they are outside the festival zone), and dogs would endanger their peace and tranquility. Dogs are only allowed in the parking areas. All dogs must be on a leash, and muzzled if they are category 1 or 2.

Who should I contact if I lose or find an item?

If you have lost or found an item during the festival, please inquire directly at the ticket office (the same place where you can buy drink tickets). If the item has not been returned to us, please wait two weeks after the festival and then contact the Buais-les-Monts town hall, which will collect all found items after the festival dismantling is over.

Where are the first aid and emergency stations?

A first aid station will be present on the festival site, next to the thatched-roof building.

Where can I find a prevention and risk reduction stand?

The prevention stand will be located between The Nest (Chill-Out stage) and The Pit (Alternative stage).

When does the festival end?

The festival will close on Sunday July 7th, at midnight. However, it is possible to rest before hitting the road, but you must leave the site (camping) by noon on Monday July 8th, at the latest. The parking areas will remain open until the evening of Tuesday July 9th.


Food, camping, toilets…

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, each festival-goer is allowed to bring food and drinks. Unauthorized stalls are not allowed, and anyone not respecting this rule will be escorted out of the festival.

WARNING: Note that glass is not allowed inside the festival site and the camping areas!

Is it possible to buy food at the festival?

Yes. The association will offer a stand selling Breton galettes and crepes at an affordable price. Additionally, many different stands will offer a wide variety of food.

The canteen menu will be communicated as soon as possible.

Please note that once again this year, there will be no cash payments at the bar to facilitate transactions. You will need to buy drink tickets at the ticket office (at the top of the site next to the thatched house) to use at the bar. Food trucks do not accept drink tickets. The canteen will accept cash and card payments.

You can also freely restock at nearby shops in the surrounding towns and villages.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, as long as it is in plastic bottles or metal cans. No glass containers allowed inside the festival site.

What can I find at the bars?

Two bars managed by EDC will offer fresh drinks : beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails.

To significantly reduce our waste at the festival, we do not offer plastic bottles. Drinking water will be available free of charge at various water points and bars: so bring your water bottle and/or cup!

The drink menu will be communicated as soon as possible.


Are drink tickets refundable?

For logistical and accounting reasons, drink and meal tickets are unfortunately non-refundable.

Can I bring a camping stove?

Yes, camping stoves are allowed. However, it is forbidden to make a fire or light a barbecue!

Can I make a fire on the festival site?

No, it is forbidden to make a fire on the entire site, including camping and parking areas!

A fire/performance area will be open with several jam sessions programmed. Feel free to bring your juggling equipment; we will provide the necessary fuel (it is strictly forbidden to bring your own fuel to the festival).

Are facilities (showers and toilets) accessible on the festival site and included in the ticket price?

Yes, access to camping, toilets, and showers is included in all passes. Showers will not be heated; there will be 2x 5 mixed shower stalls.

Are lockers available ?

No, for this reason we advise you not to bring any valuables with you.